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honorarium, payment for a professional service, fee
honorary, serving to honor
honorarium, payment for a professional service; brevet, document promoting an officer to a higher rank without raising his salary or significantly increasing his authority

honorarium, fee

(n.) = honoraria [honarium -sing.] ; emolument ; stipend ; fee.
Ex: Remuneration, often as honoraria, is another way of paying abstractors.
Ex: The master would normally direct the whole business personally, taking its profit as his emolument, but if he or she were incompetent to do so a trained manager would be employed at a fixed wage.
Ex: The incumbent is appointed by the Librarian of Congress, serves one or two years, and receives a $35,000 annual stipend from an endowed fund.
Ex: Information providers pay a fee to British Telecom, and may then charge users for each frame that they consult.
* pagar honorarios = pay + fee.
(adj.) = honorary.
Ex: He is the recipient of the Margaret Man Citation, the Beta Phi Award for good teaching, and the honorary Doctor of Laws from UCLA.
* autor honorario = gift author ; guest author ; honorary author.
* autoría honoraria = guest authorship ; gift authorship ; honorary authorship.
* miembro honorario = honorary member.
* rector honorario = chancellor.

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