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horary, indicating the hour
hour hand, short hand that indicates the hours on a clock or watch; timetable, schedule; curriculum

schedule, time-table


(n.) = schedule ; timetable ; office hours ; operating hours.
Ex: The head librarian had set up a timetable of activities for her in advance and topics and schedules for the courses she would teach at the library school.
Ex: The reference department contain quick reference material including street and trade directories, bus, train and air timetables, year-books, gazetteers, list of addresses, booklets, guide books, etc.
Ex: They are open normal office hours, though some have experimented with late evening opening and some now open on Saturday mornings.
Ex: Accurate determination of operating hours is vital in analyzing operating costs = La determinacion exacta de las horas de funcionamiento es de vital importancia en el análisis de los costos de operacion.
* ampliar el horario de apertura = extend + hours.
* antes de finalizar el horario de oficina = by (the) close of business.
* después del horario de trabajo = after hours [after-hours].
* después del horario normal = after hours [after-hours].
* diferencia de horario = time differences.
* distribución horaria = timetabling.
* en el horario de trabajo = on company time.
* flexibilidad de horario = flexibility (in/of) working time ; flexibility (in/of) working hours.
* fuera del horario normal = out of hours ; at odd times.
* hoja de control horario = timesheet.
* horario comercial = shopping hours ; business hours.
* horario de apertura = opening hours ; opening time ; opening day ; shopping hours ; office hours ; hours of operation.
* horario de apertura al público = banking hours.
* horario de apertura ampliado = extended opening hours.
* horario de apertura más amplio = extended hours.
* horario de atención al público = opening hours ; hours of operation ; banking hours.
* horario de autobuses = bus timetable ; bus schedule.
* horario de cierre = closing hour ; closing time.
* horario de clase = class time ; class schedule.
* horario de tarifa normal = prime time.
* horario de tarifa reducida = nonprime time.
* horario de trabajo = hours of operation ; working hours ; work hours.
* horario de trenes = train timetable.
* horario de tutorías = office hours.
* horario de vuelos = air timetable.
* horario escolar = school timetable.
* horario extraescolar = after-school hours ; after-school time.
* horario fijo = set time.
* horario flexible = flexitime ; working time flexibility ; flexibility (in/of) working time ; flexibility (in/of) working hours.
* horario intempestivo = unearthly hour.
* horario intenso de trabajo = long hours, the.
* horario laboral = hours of operation ; opening hours ; working hours ; work hours.
* horarios = scheduling.
* horarios de trabajo demasiado cargados = over-long hours.
* huso horario = time zone.
* según el huso horario de Europa Central = CET (Central European Time).
* sin restricciones de horario = unscheduled.
* tener horario ajustado = be under time constraint.
* zona horaria = time zone.
(n.) = scheduling.
Ex: Closed doors should be flung open and scheduling changed to allow systematic examination of professional and organisational questions.

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