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hollow, empty
hollow, cavity, hole; gap, void; alcove, recess; well; pocket



hole , hollow


(n.) = gap ; slot ; hollow ; recess ; alcove ; cavity.
Ex: New editions will be essentially cumulations and therefore a longer gap will exist between editions.
Ex: These frames are of different types and have slots also of different types, which can be filled by other frames.
Ex: It can certainly be status-conferring to let it be known in social conversation that one has read the latest Fay Weldon book, but if the group one is in never reads Fay Weldon anyway and could not care less what she has written then the victory is a somewhat hollow one.
Ex: He then dropped the metal suddenly into the mouth of the mould, and at the same instant gave it a jerk or toss to force the metal into the recesses of the matrix (the precise form of the jerk varying with the different letters).
Ex: Our news service is delivered by a large-screen television that broadcasts continuous cable news in a special alcove adjacent to the library's current periodicals and reference areas.
Ex: His sculptures were made by making casts of the cavities left in snow onto which the artist and a collaborator had urinated.
* dejar un hueco = leave + gap.
* eliminar Algo dejando un hueco en su lugar = gap.
* encontrar un hueco = find + a home.
* hacer hueco = make + room (for).
* hacerse un hueco en la vida = get on in + life.
* hueco de la escalera = stairwell.
* hueco del ascensor = elevator shaft.
* hueco de servicio = service core.
* llenar un hueco = fill + a gap ; fill in + gap ; fill + the breach.
(adj.) = hollow.
Nota: Adjetivo.
Ex: The other helpful procedure is venoclysis, the slow drop-by-drop introduction into a vein, through a hollow needle, of a salt or a sugar solution.
* cabeza hueca = empty-headed ; ditzy ; ditz ; dits ; ditsy ; airhead ; airheaded ; bonehead ; nong ; ning-nong ; pumpkin head.
* en hueco = punched.

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