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idealistic, of or pertaining to idealists, principled, living according to some standard of perfection; of or pertaining to idealism, of the tendency to form ideals, of the pursuit of high and noble goals
idealist, one who forms ideals, one who lives according to some standard of perfection, one who pursues high and noble goals

idealistic, idealist

(n.) = idealistic ; visionary ; idealist ; stargazer.
Ex: In conclusion, I am sure you all believe me to be either idealistic, unrealistic, radical, or just plain silly.
Ex: One of the similarities between the two is that individuals involved in both spheres are, to a large extent, visionaries.
Ex: Various categories of entrepreneurship have been identified -- the idealist, the inventor, the organiser and the innovator -- of which the last two types can exist within the library environment.
Ex: His influence in Washington could root out the silly liberal stargazers who can't get anything done.

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