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identification, verification of the identity of a person or thing, detection

identification, id



(n.) = empathy ; identification ; recognition ; authentication ; buy-in ; sign-up ; ID (identification) ; spotting.
Ex: They lack an understanding of an empathy with the character, and are hampered by an overabundance of unimportant detail.
Ex: The second step towards an index involves the identification of the concepts within a document which are worthy of indexing.
Ex: This format is becoming common in new thesauri, partly because the recognition of the importance of viewing both relationships and subject terms in one tool.
Ex: Without the legal safeguards of authentication, the promise of electronic trading cannot be realized.
Ex: The seminar will deal with the processes of developing and ensuring corporate buy-in to a digital preservation policy.
Ex: Web workers want ease of use with a keep it simple approach to information retrieval, including the sign-up process for access to information services.
Ex: To make the product more closely resemble a CD-ROM service; IDs for 10 simultaneous users were obtained for a flat fee.
Ex: Directions are included for observing the moon, looking at constellations, measuring the sky, plotting the paths of shooting stars, and planet spotting.
* bloque funcional de identificación = identification block.
* búsqueda a través de ficheros de identificación documental = signature-based search.
* etiqueta de identificación = name tag.
* etiqueta de identificación del lector = borrower identification label.
* fichero de identificaciones documentales = signature file.
* identificación bibliográfica y de copyright de la contribución = catch line.
* identificación de errores = error identification.
* identificación mediante las huellas dactilares = finger-print identification.
* identificación mediante la voz = voice-print identification.
* identificación mediante marcas = tagging.
* identificación por radiofrecuencia = radio frequency identification (RFID).
* identificación textual = text signature.
* número de identificación = ID number (identification number).
* número de identificación del documento = library registration number.
* número de identificación fiscal = VAT (identification) number.
* número nacional de identificación bibliográfica = national bibliography number.
* pedir la identificación = card.
* PIN (número de identificación personal) = PIN (personal identification number).
* registro de identificación = cookie.
* rueda de identificación = police line-up ; identity parade ; identification parade.
* tarjeta de identificación = identification card.

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