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idiom, expression whose meaning cannot be derived from the combined meanings of it's individual elements; lingo, language used by a certain group or class of people; speech; language


(n.) = language ; tongue.
Ex: A paraphrase is an interpretation of the concepts featured in a document, written in the language of the writer of the paraphrase.
Ex: Books, films, poetry in a different tongue open the door to cultures, values and ways of seeing that would otherwise be barred.
* idioma de intercambio = exchange language.
* idioma nacional = national language.
* laboratorio de idiomas = language lab ; language laboratory.
* programa para el aprendizaje de idiomas = language-learning sofware.
* software para el aprendizaje de idiomas = language-learning sofware.
* tener (buen) oído para los idiomas = have + a (good) ear for languages.

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