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the same to you
equally, evenly; alike, likewise

likewise, equally


= as well ; for that matter ; likewise ; similarly ; correspondingly ; equally ; just as importantly ; equally importantly ; as importantly ; so too ; in like manner ; in a like manner ; in like fashion ; same here ; me too ; in like vein.
Ex: Again, the following statement is appropriate: A is permitted, but consider B or C or ... N, as well or instead.
Ex: A machine-readable national data base, or for that matter any catalog, should be capable of existing in time.
Ex: 'Bearings' are part of the Key system 'Dynamos', and thus may be denoted by (p), thus (p) Bearings and likewise (p) Diameter.
Ex: Thus the electronic journal (e-journal) is a concept where scientists are able to input ideas and text to a computer data base for their colleagues to view, and similarly to view the work of others.
Ex: For supercomputers the number of sales is at a much lower level, but the unit prices are correspondingly higher.
Ex: Porous Bavarian limestone was used as this absorbs grease and water equally.
Ex: And, just as importantly, computers have assumed an increasingly pervasive role in industrial automation.
Ex: Equally importantly, it strives to reflect the latest developments in the field of cooperative activities.
Ex: As importantly, I also want to look at the medium term management problems relating to the delivery of digital libraries.
Ex: Quality is important but so too is hard statistical evidence of the library's productivity.
Ex: In like manner, new books do not generally replace old ones in libraries.
Ex: The author suggests that certain types of people are attracted to certain occupations, and that people who choose the same occupation tend to behave in a like manner within their occupational group.
Ex: Since Michigan's pioneering move, two other schools have re-baptized themselves in like fashion.
Ex: Same here. I mean, I personally think that there is some divine power somewhere.
Ex: Unfortunately, this approach results mostly in 'me too' behavior and very little that's new.
Ex: Other old crones added their ribaldries in like vein, amusing everyone but the young couple.

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