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delusions, wishful thinking
give false illusions
delusion, illusion, belief in something that is not true; dream; phantasm; deception; hallucination; hope

build up hopes

(n.) = wishful thinking.
Ex: I suspect that Mr Byrum's personal opinion that AACR2 will force libraries to close their catalogs is partly wishful thinking. (v.) = excite.
Ex: Finally, we cannot help being excited by the fact that we, as a profession, find ourselves, for better or worse, embedded in the eye of the storm of significant change.
* ilusionar a = get + Posesivo + hopes up.
* ilusionarse = excite ; build up + Posesivo + hopes ; get + Posesivo + hopes up.
(n.) = illusion ; yearning ; hope ; excitement ; thrill.
Ex: A motion picture is a length of film, with or without recorded sound, bearing a sequence of images that create the illusion of movement when projected in rapid succession.
Ex: A flood of feeling welled up in him about life and death and beauty and suffering and transitoriness and the yearning of his unsatisfied soul for a happiness not to be found on earth which poured out in 'Ode to a Nightingale'.
Ex: Some users hope that market forces will force some of the smaller hosts out of the marketplace, but with cheaper telecommunications and computing technology this seems something of a vain hope.
Ex: If done effectively, displays can add interest and even excitement to the process of information discovery.
Ex: She felt a small thrill of triumph.
* con gran ilusión = with high hopes.
* con ilusión = eagerly.
* con mucha ilusión = excitedly ; with high hopes.
* crear falsas ilusiones = create + false illusions.
* crear la ilusión = generate + illusion.
* crear una ilusión = create + illusion.
* de ilusiones vive el hombre = We are such stuff as dreams are made on.
* echar por tierra las ilusiones = shatter + Posesivo + hopes.
* falsa ilusión = delusion.
* hacer ilusión = look forward to (+ Gerundio) ; be excited about ; be thrilled ; be pleased (to).
* hacer mucha ilusión = be thrilled ; be excited about ; be pleased (to) ; look forward to (+ Gerundio).
* hacerse ilusiones = daydream ; build + castles in the air ; build up + Posesivo + hopes.
* ilusiones = wishful thinking.
* ilusión óptica = optical illusion.
* ilusión vana = wishful thinking.
* lleno de ilusiones = stardust in + Posesivo + eyes.
* perder la ilusión = lose + heart.
* romper las ilusiones = shatter + Posesivo + hopes.
* tener mucha ilusión = be thrilled.
* vivir de ilusiones = live in + a dream world.

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