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hasty; impatient; eager; fretful
vex, irritate, exasperate


impatient ímpaciente

(adj.) = impatient ; restless.
Ex: Premature publicity makes people impatient.
Ex: While scanning the area under supervision, the librarian may detect persons who appear restless or puzzled.
(v.) = exasperate ; irritate ; make + Nombre + impatient.
Ex: Radical intellectuals often seem exasperated by what appears as excessive attention paid to conceptualization.
Ex: Their education must accordingly be designed to prepare them for that future, however much this may irritate the myopics whose only concern is for the present.
Ex: Usually, kids tend to be active making them impatient in a confined space like your car.
* impacientarse = chafe (at) ; lose + Posesivo + patience ; chafe at + the bit ; champ at + the bit ; chomp at + the bit ; strain at + the leash.
* impacientarse con = be impatient with ; get + short with.
* no impacientarse con = bear with + Pronombre.

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