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run off, make copies; imprint, print; impress


print, to

to print

(v.) = print ; print out ; run off ; impress ; pull ; come off + the press.
Ex: Accessions lists contain information about the documents received since the last time the list was printed.
Ex: Like the stop-list, the go-list can also be displayed or printed out for consideration prior to updating or other modification.
Ex: Not only are they the same work, they were run off from the same plates.
Ex: A typical opening of the book shows two pages of text with the unfamiliar long 'f' often heavily impressed into a rough-looking paper.
Ex: Until the later seventeenth century a special form of piecework payment was common in French and English houses, whereby journeymen contracted with the master to set so many pages or pull so many sheets in a day.
Ex: The number of copies of an edition which have come off the press at any one time is known as the size of the edition.
* empezar a imprimir = go to + press.
* encargado de la máquina de imprimir = machine-minder.
* imprimir en letra realzada = print in + double density.
* joven ayudante del encargado de la máquina de imprimir = machine boy.
* letra rota o a medio imprimir = broken letter.
* máquina de imprimir direcciones = addressograph ; addressing machine.
* que se puede imprimir = printable.
* reimprimir = reprint.
* volver a imprimir = reprint.

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