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imprudent, rash; reckless; lacking discretion

imprudent, injudicious, unwise


(adj.) = unwise ; rash ; injudicious ; reckless ; ill-judged ; foolhardy ; indiscreet ; imprudent.
Ex: It may appear, at first sight, unwise to establish standards for encypherment as any publication of methods is likely to assist the intruder.
Ex: And some way down the list of benefits was a rash promise to 'slash the red tape that hinders our trade with Europe -- and thereby safeguard the 2 1/2 million jobs involved'.
Ex: The author concludes that, although valuable CAL resources had been produced during both projects, over reliance on email is injudicious.
Ex: A team of researchers have conducted a study with the paradoxical result -- the more mature the teenager's brain, the more reckless they become.
Ex: The announcement has been criticised by the Institute of Physics, which said the university was making a 'precipitous and ill-judged' move.
Ex: There is nothing wrong with killing enemy soldiers that are attacking you and it would seem foolhardy just to let them escape.
Ex: Palma, described by many as an indiscreet braggart, told people at the gun range that the group was preparing for clandestine trips to Cuba.
Ex: One particularly complex situation clouded my judgment and led me to imprudent decisions with harmful consequences.
* ser imprudente = be reckless.

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