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inauguration; launching, opening

inauguration inauguration


(n.) = inauguration ; opening ; unveiling ; opening day ; grand opening.
Ex: This article gives a history of ADONIS (Automated Document Delivery Over Networked Information Systems) project from the late 1970s to its inauguration in 1987.
Ex: Some of the common auxiliaries are allocated notations in which the facet indicators possess both an opening and a closure sign.
Ex: The unveiling of the mural took place during National Library Week.
Ex: The opening day of the pheasant hunting season was almost picture-perfect as warm temperatures and sunshine were the order of the day.
Ex: The hair salon didn't even have its grand opening before being burglarised.
* ceremonia de inauguración = opening ceremony.
* día de la inauguración = opening day.
* discurso de inauguración = inaugural speech ; inaugural address.
* exposición de inauguración = opening exhibition.
* fiesta de inauguración = opening party ; launch party ; grand opening.
* fiesta de inauguración de una vivienda = housewarming party ; housewarming.
* inauguración de la exposición = exhibition opening.
* inauguración oficial = ceremonial opening.
* invitación a inauguración privada = private view card (PVC).

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