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uncertainty, incertitude; vagueness; suspense



(n.) = limbo ; uncertainty ; ambivalence ; perplex ; quandary ; vacillation.
Ex: We understand that 'out-of-print' is a sort of final death knell, but the current out-of-stock limbo is bewildering.
Ex: A language interface based on fuzzy set techniques is proposed to handle the uncertainty inherent in natural-language semantics.
Ex: J E Tucker and E E Willoughby reviewed Wing's bibliography twice and reveal an ambivalence about it repeated by almost every reviewer.
Ex: The article 'The print perplex' asserts that librarians must deal with a future of mixed print and digital material, since most books will never be in digital form.
Ex: The increasing use and popularity of the Internet and phytomedicinals (medicinal herbs and medical botanics) have created a quandary for researchers, consumers and information professionals.
Ex: She was born in the outback of Australia where all people were powerless in the face of the vacillations of nature.
* despejar una incertidumbre = relieve + uncertainty.
* hacer frente a una incertidumbre = meet + uncertainty.
* incertidumbre económica = economic uncertainty.
* incertidumbre financiera = economic uncertainty.

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