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inclination, tendency; liking, preference; slope, incline, slant; bending, leaning

slant, tendency, incline, trend droop, bent, leaning, skew, inclination, nod, tilt



(n.) = slope ; pitch ; tilt.
Ex: The heading PITCH (Slope) illustrates how to qualify a word by another in parenthesis to clarify the meaning = El encabezamiento PENDIENTE (inclinación) ilustra cómo modificar una palabra con otra entre paréntesis para aclarar el significado.
Ex: This method results in saving maximum space in the stacks as the pitch of the shelves can be adjusted accordingly.
Ex: This has contributed to a tilt toward English-language publications in Web of Science.
(n.) = bent ; penchant ; leaning ; inclination ; bent of mind.
Ex: This factor was a constant theme especially in those programmes with a highly technical bent.
Ex: Our penchant to organize is perhaps as close to a biological imperative as any form of human behavior is likely to come.
Ex: Finally, this new philosophy did not conflict with the librarian's elitist leanings.
Ex: These are less tangible, more dependent upon personal motivation and inclination, and not amenable to enforcement through institutional policies.
Ex: Only when students have a scientific bent of mind, will a community and a country grow.
* con inclinaciones artísticas = arty ; artsy ; artsy-fartsy ; arty-farty ; arty-crafty ; artsy-craftsy.
* con inclinaciones de manitas = arty-crafty ; artsy-craftsy.
* con inclinaciones de mantias = craft(s)y.
* con una inclinación hacia las tecnología digital = digitally-oriented.
* inclinación sexual = sexual orientation.
* sentir inclinación por = have + a penchant for.
* sentir la inclinación de = be inclined to.
* tener inclinación por = lean to(wards) ; have + a penchant for.

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