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inconvenience, bother, disturbance, discomfort, nuisance
uncomfortable, incommodious; inconvenient, cumbersome
incommode, cause inconvenience; cause discomfort

uncomfortable uncomfortable

I inconvenience it inconvenienced uncomfortable

(adj.) = cumbersome ; uncomfortable ; ill-at-ease ; comfortless.
Ex: Any shelf arrangement systems which do not permit ready location of specific documents are cumbersome for the user or member of staff seeking a specific document.
Ex: And making matters worse, this uncomfortable group sat in a suburban sitting-room flooded with afternoon sunlight like dutifully polite guests at a formal coffee party.
Ex: One quite serious barrier to improvement is the reluctance of users to tell librarians of their feelings, but perhaps it is expecting too much of them to complain that they are ill-at-ease.
Ex: A house without furniture is like a room without paint -- colorless and comfortless!.
* de una modo incómodo = cumbrously.
* de un modo incómodo = awkwardly.
* lo incómodo de = cumbersomeness.
* sentirse incómodo = look + uncomfortable ; feel + awkward.
* sentirse incómodo con = be uncomfortable with ; feel + uncomfortable with.
* verdad incómoda = inconvenient truth.
(v.) = disturb.
Ex: Transcribe the data as found, however, if case endings are affected, if the grammatical construction of the data would be disturbed, or if one element is inseparably linked to another.

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