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increase, increment; augmentation
increase, augment



(n.) = increase ; increment ; rise ; tide ; blossoming ; augmentation ; increase in numbers ; growth in number ; surge ; jump ; upswing ; widening ; mark-up [markup] ; blooming.
Ex: The term you have chosen indicates an increase in specificity, since it is one of the members of the group described by the basic term.
Ex: The volume increment gives information about the numbering scheme for volumes.
Ex: The rapid rise of computer literacy in the world has led to a demand for the easy availability of many kinds of information.
Ex: What has happened is that yet another institution has so overlapped with our own that we are being swept along on the tide of the technological revolution.
Ex: There has been a blossoming in new consumer health information services.
Ex: If the budget will not permit staff augmentation, then the reference librarian must help the department head to make the most of available resources.
Ex: The present increase in numbers of overseas students in Australia tertiary institutions has implications for libraries.
Ex: The growth in number of national, regional and international agricultural organisations has resulted in a vast output of scientific and technical literature, issued in a wide variety of forms.
Ex: The Internet is also creating a new surge of interest in information in all forms, and a revitalized interest in reading.
Ex: One of these proposals, a large jump in the dues for students and retired members, was watered down before finally being passed.
Ex: The author discusses the current upswing in paperback sales of children's books in the USA and the slump in hardback sales.
Ex: Despite growth in export volume in recent years, there has been a widening of the national current account deficit from 8.8% to over 20%.
Ex: Customers will be charged either a mark-up or a mark-down, depending on whether they are buying or selling.
Ex: The article 'The blooming of readers' presents a body of research that supports the notion that children can acquire reading skills without being directly taught to read.
* incremento de = increased.
* incremento de la demanda = increased demand.
* incremento de la producción = increased production.
* incremento del salto = jump increment.
* incremento del uso = increased use.
* incremento notable = rising tide.
* incremento presupuestario = budget increase.
* incremento salarial = salary increase.
* por incremento gradual = incremental.
* por incrementos graduales = incrementally.
(v.) = augment ; increment ; rise ; deepen ; escalate ; ramp up ; step up ; crank up ; ratchet up ; mark + Nombre + up ; turn up ; up ; jump ; jack up ; increase.
Ex: These sources which form the basis of the intellectual selection of terms may be augmented by the machine selection of terms.
Ex: If a periodical increases its volume number more than once during the year, the volume pattern should contain a '1' each time the volume number is incremented.
Ex: If suppliers are forced out of business, there will be less software to lend and prices will rise with the lack of competition.
Ex: One of the effects of reading in children is that their appreciation of the processes and function of literature is deepened.
Ex: Over the past two to three years the numbers of full text data bases and data banks has started to escalate considerably.
Ex: EGND has hit a home run with the introduction of a new product line, increasing sales projections, and ramping up production schedules.
Ex: The intensity of marketing to schools and parents will have to be stepped up by publishers if they are to succeed in the more competitive market.
Ex: Refiners are cranking up diesel output to meet rising global demand.
Ex: The health department has ratcheted up efforts to prevent or slow down the spread of swine flu in schools.
Ex: Determine how much it costs to make the item, how much it costs to market that item, and then mark it up by 15-30% or more.
Ex: Cytokines are small proteins used to communicate messages between the immune cells in the immune system to either turn up or down the immune response.
Ex: I still think normal speed is too slow, you should up it a bit.
Ex: The number of kids who are on medication has jumped dramatically.
Ex: Pakistan's government jacked up defence spending in a new budget Friday that set a deficit of four per cent of GDP.
Ex: Recall is inversely proportional to precision, and vice versa, or in other words, as one increases, the other must decrease.
* incrementar los ingresos = increase + Posesivo + income ; boost + Posesivo + income.
* incrementar + Posesivo + ingresos = increase + Posesivo + income ; boost + Posesivo + income.

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