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unspeakable, unutterable; nameless

unmentionable, unspeakable

(adj.) = inexpressible ; unspeakable ; unsayable ; unutterable.
Ex: Natural language searching of full text data bases does not solve this problem, because the aspect of a topic of interest to researchers is often inexpressible in concrete terms = La búsqueda en lenguaje natural en las bases de datos de texto completo no resuelve este problema, ya que ciertos aspectos del tema que le interesa al investigador con frecuencia son inexpresables en palabras concretas.
Ex: The article 'My life and hard times: a tale of unspeakable horrors' is a light hearted account of the author's experiences as a part time indexer.
Ex: Different from the run-of-the-mill 'taboo' (unmentionable), the unsayable represents the very fact of speechlessness.
Ex: Things are not all so comprehensible and utterable as people would mostly have us believe -- most events are unutterable.
* pasar lo indecible = have + a torrid time.
* sufrir lo indecible = have + a torrid time.

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