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indefinite, indeterminate

undefined, undesignated, undetermined, indefinite


= undefined ; vague ; indefinite ; undelineated ; open-ended.
Ex: The flexibilities possible with machine processing will, at some time in the undefined future, obviate most of the problems not addressed.
Ex: Some of the terms are vague.
Ex: Indefinite growth of stock is impossible, and yet no one dares throw material away, because it might come in useful one day.
Ex: Archivists can serve as anchors restoring boundaries in an increasingly undelineated world where cultures are falling apart because of technological developments.
Ex: New systems incorporating such resources will produce an information environment that is dynamic and open-ended.
* artículo indefinido = indefinite article.
* lo indefinido = indefiniteness.
* postura indefinida = fence-sitting position.

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