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indicated; right, suitable
indicate, show; point out; mark, signify; imply; exhibit, reveal; suggest


(adj.) = stated ; listed ; indicated.
Ex: Throughout, the code is based upon clearly stated principles.
Ex: If the listed charges are waivable, you may elect to waive the court appearance by paying the indicated fine.
Ex: If the listed charges are waivable, you may elect to waive the court appearance by paying the indicated fine.
* estar en el lugar indicado en el momento indicado = be in the right place at the right time.
* indicado con colores = colour-coded.
(v.) = bespeak ; bring to + Posesivo + attention ; demarcate ; denote ; flag ; indicate ; mark ; note ; point ; point out ; point to(wards) ; signal ; signify ; prompt ; mark out ; suggest ; betoken ; illustrate ; bring to + Posesivo + notice ; hold + a clue ; mark + Nombre + down as.
Ex: I think this attitude somewhat bespeaks a professional abdication by a lot of us.
Ex: Errors in colleagues' work should be brought to their attention tactfully and not in the presence of others = A los compañeros se les debería hacer ver sus errores discretamente y no en presencia de otros.
Ex: The framework was designed to demarcate certain of those elements by means of prescribed punctuation.
Ex: The notation is primarily letters, but also uses numbers to denote concepts in the auxiliary schedules.
Ex: Since the fields are of different lengths in different records it is necessary that the beginning and end of fields be flagged in some way.
Ex: The general index of CC lists isolates and indicates where they may be found as in a relative index.
Ex: In addition, synthesis often requires the use of a facet indicator, which marks the beginning of a new facet for example.
Ex: In the future, a number of further developments can be fairly confidently predicted in addition to the expansion of those noted above.
Ex: An arrow pointing upwards indicates when the terminal is in insert mode.
Ex: By means of the arrangement of document substitutes in library catalogues, and also by the arrangement of documents themselves, it is possible to point out, or indicate, classes of documents.
Ex: This article points to economically feasible and communication-based indexing methods which fit the potentials of current information technology.
Ex: Main classes are denoted by a capital letter, and in most classes a second capital letter is used to signal major sections or subclasses.
Ex: Within one main class the same piece of notation may be used to signify different concepts.
Ex: You will be prompted to choose a file; your last search will then be executed automatically in the file that you choose.
Ex: To infuse into that basic form an element of linguistic liveliness and wit, which marks out the best adult reviewers, is to ask far more than most children can hope to achieve.
Ex: In effect, we'd be suggesting to them we don't have the book.
Ex: The faintly irritating moralising tone of this book betokens a real human interest, which must be recovered if there is to be a dialogue of real content.
Ex: The presence of eggshells, faecal pellets, and silk threads in association with a mite-like animal illustrates a complex ecosystem.
Ex: One moonlight night Sweeny was brought to our notice by his ejaculations of impatience at being obliged to come to a dead halt.
Ex: To reconstruct palaeoclimates, palaeoclimatologists analyse tree rings, ice cores, sea sediments and even rock strata which may hold clues to the state of the climate millions of years ago.
Ex: One look convinced the employer that she was unsuited for the work, and he marked her down as unsuitable.
* como se indicó en = as was pointed out in.
* entenderse que indica = take to + indicate.
* evidencia + indicar = evidence + suggest ; evidence + indicate.
* hacer una marca para indicar el lugar donde uno se ha quedado leyendo = mark + Posesivo + place.
* indicar a = point + the way to.
* indicar a la derecha = give + a right-turn signal ; signal to + the right.
* indicar a la izquierda = give + a left-turn signal ; signal to + the left.
* indicar claramente = make it + clear.
* indicar diferencias = point out + differences ; note + difference ; point to + differences.
* indicar el camino a seguir = point + the way forward.
* indicar el camino a seguir para = point + the way to.
* indicar el camino correcto = point + Nombre + in the right direction.
* indicar las dificultades = note + difficulties.
* indicar las formas (de/en que) = point to + ways (of/in which).
* indicar similitudes = point out + similarities.
* resultados + indicar = results + indicate.
* según quedó indicado en = as was pointed out in.

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