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indigenous, native; aboriginal
native, someone who is indigenous; Indian

indigenous indigenous

(n.) = indigenous people.
Ex: If the word battle does not appropriately describe an armed encounter between an indigenous and a colonizing people, the neutral word incident should be used. (n.) = aboriginal ; native person.
Ex: Governmental perceptions of them as aboriginals holds back self-determination.
Ex: It involved the right of a native person to follow his religious tradition which involved smoking an hallucinogenic substance.
* encuentro entre exploradores e indígenas = palaver.
(adj.) = aboriginal ; autochthonous.
Ex: This article raises some of the issues associated with the collection and documentation of aboriginal archival material which is secret/sacred in nature.
Ex: The paper argues that autochthonous language communities should be formally recognised as distinct ethnic groups.
* población indígena = indigenous people.
(adj.) = indigenous.
Ex: For example, the Library of Congress established names of indigenous American and African peoples are very often derogatory corruptions of their real names.
* conocimiento indígena = indigenous knowledge.
* encuentro entre indígenas = palaver.
* indígenas = indigenous people.
* información indígena = indigenous information.
* lengua indígena = indigenous language.

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