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childhood; babyhood, infancy; juvenile



(n.) = childhood ; infancy ; babyhood.
Ex: Any funeral scene in a story inevitably conjures in myself memories of my childhood spent as the son of an undertaker.
Ex: For some time after infancy many children continue to regard books as they regard their toys, as objects to be played with and looked at rather than read.
Ex: The author offers a rich variety of detailed descriptions and anecdotes on the development of children of both sexes from babyhood to adolescence.
* amor de la infancia = childhood sweetheart.
* atención a la infancia = child care [childcare].
* biblioteca de jardín de infancia = kindergarten library.
* en su infancia = in + Posesivo + infancy.
* jardín de infancia = kindergarten ; nursery ; day nursery.
* primera infancia = babyhood ; early childhood.
* UNICEF [Fondo de las Naciones Unidas para la Infancia] = UNICEF [United Nation's International Children's Emergency Fund].

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