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informative, instructive; news


(adj.) = explanatory ; informative ; informatory ; informational ; information-bearing.
Ex: The ISBD(M) is merely an explanatory framework.
Ex: Parts of the abstract are written in the informative style, whilst those points which are of less significance are treated indicatively.
Ex: The preferred term is automatically assigned by the system, and an informatory message is displayed.
Ex: Reference services for disabled students require not only traditional, directional and informational assistance, but also physical assistance.
Ex: Non-book media is defined as information-bearing media which are not in the form of a book such as visual images, geographical artifacts, three-dimensional objects, music scores and recorded sound and microfilms.
* alerta informativa = news alerts ; information alert.
* alfabetización informativa = information literacy.
* avance informativo = advance news summary ; news headline.
* boletín informativo electrónico = electronic newsletter.
* cobertura informativa = news coverage.
* comportamiento informativo = information behaviour.
* documento informativo = FYI (For Your Information).
* encabezamiento informativo = explanatory heading.
* encabezamiento informativo general = general explanatory heading.
* espacio informativo = news broadcast ; newscast.
* folleto informativo = Y-ME publication ; information leaflet ; brochure.
* guía informativa = brochure.
* hábito informativo = information habit.
* hoja informativa = news-sheet [newsheet].
* laguna informativa = information gap.
* material informativo = information material.
* medios informativos = information media.
* mensaje informativo = informatory message.
* nota informativa = information note ; information notice.
* poco informativo = uninformative.
* producto informativo = information product.
* recursos informativos = information resources.
* Red Informativa de las Bibliotecas de Investigación en USA = RLIN.
* resumen indicativo-informativo = indicative-informative abstract.
* resumen informativo = informative abstract.
* reunión informativa = briefing meeting ; information session ; information meeting.
* reunión informativa de prensa = press briefing.
* sensacionalismo informativo = media hype.
* sesión informativa = orientation session ; information session.
* tablón informativo = information board.
* título informativo = informative title.
* vacío informativo = information vacuum.
(n.) = newscast ; news broadcast.
Ex: The startling events of the last few years demonstrate vividly that libraries of the 21st century cannot perform their social function without monitoring television newscasts to add immediacy to their standard information sources.
Ex: They include books, letters, historical documents, photographs, news broadcasts, press statements and audiotapes of speeches = Contienen libros, cartas, documentos históricos, fotografías, noticias, conferencias de prensa, y casetes de discurso.

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