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(n.) = gross profit ; gross benefits ; gross revenues ; gross receipts ; gross income.
Ex: For 217 businesses for which comparable data were available, the gross profit was the same at 29.1 per cent for 1978/9 and 1979/80 but the net trading profit was down from 3.6 per cent to 3.1 per cent. Ex: The application of game theory to library networks consists of three basic subjects: the calculation of the costs of a network, the calculation of the gross benefits for the whole network, and the stability of the network. Ex: OCLC reported fiscal 2001 as another successful year with gross revenues increasing 8 per cent to 165.3 million dollars and with net revenues reaching 159.8 million dollars with operating expenses 156.9 million dollars. Ex: Publishing on commission, when the author paid all the costs of production and allowed the publisher a percentage of the gross receipts as a payment for producing and handling the book, had been used since early times for specialist publications. Ex: Information systems frequently cost organizations between one and ten per cent of their gross income.

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