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initials, first letter or letters of a name
initial, incipient; leading; low
initial, beginning letter of a person's first name; first letter (as of a word); enlarged or ornamented letter at the beginning of a chapter
initiate, launch, start; log-in; log-on; pioneer; enter into


(adj.) = initial ; initialism.
Ex: Names commonly vary in fullness, especially in terms of the extent of abbreviations and initials used.
Ex: These recommendations specify the presentation of numbers, acronyms, and initialisms in headings and references.
* inicial del apellido = last initial.
* inicial del primer nombre de pila = first initial.
* inicial del segundo nombre de pila de una persona = middle initial.
* inicial encuadrada = factotum.
* inicial orlada = ornamental initial ; illustrated initial.
* inicial xilográfica = woodcut initial.
* jerga de las iniciales = initialese.
* palabras iniciales = opening statement.
* problemas iniciales = growing pains.
* todas las iniciales del nombre propio = full initials.
* última inicial = last initial.
(adj.) = initial ; original ; up-front [up front] ; founding ; germinal.
Ex: Further, no guidance can be expected on alternative terms that are related to the searcher's initial search term.
Ex: Here entry is made under the original author of an edition that has been revised, enlarged, updated, condensed, and so on by another person.
Ex: This article presents useful low cost options for on-line data base searching that allow even small libraries to offer searching without large up-front costs or ongoing investment.
Ex: The founding missions have being found increasingly ill-suited for the demands of the marketplace.
Ex: Unique as it is, this creation has its germinal origin in Morris's earlier works.
* alineación inicial = starting line-up.
* comentario inicial = opening remark.
* cotización inicial = starting price.
* créditos iniciales = opening credits.
* espacio en blanco inicial = beginning blank.
* etapa inicial = early stage.
* fase inicial = early stage ; input stage.
* jugador inicial = starting player.
* letra inicial decorada = swash capital ; decorated capital.
* observación inicial = opening remark.
* posición inicial = starting position ; lead position.
* precio inicial = starting price.
* problema inicial = startup problem.
* problemas iniciales = teething troubles ; teething problems.
* punto inicial = jumping-off point ; point of departure ; springboard ; jumping-off place ; launching pad.
* salario inicial = starting salary ; entry level salary.
* término inicial = lead-in term ; leading term.
* termino inicial de un encabezamiento compuesto = lead term ; main heading.
* títulos iniciales = opening credits.
(v.) = initiate ; institute ; start ; inaugurate ; pioneer ; enter ; lead off ; detonate ; usher in ; set on + foot ; put in + train ; set in + train ; set in + motion ; begin ; kick off.
Ex: The scheme was initiated under the auspices of UNISIST with the intention of providing a switching language.
Ex: The librarians have instituted a series of campaigns, including displays and leaflets on specific issues, eg family income supplement, rent and rates rebates, and school grants.
Ex: Over the past two to three years the numbers of full text data bases and data banks has started to escalate considerably.
Ex: In the beginning staff delivered books to readers in their homes, while in 1972 a mobile library service was inaugurated enabling readers to choose their own materials.
Ex: Icons, or pictorial representations of objects in systems, were pioneered by Xerox.
Ex: Though the reference librarian cannot enter the reference process until he receives the question from the enquirer he is vitally concerned about all of its stages.
Ex: Laurence Prusak will lead off the guest lectures on Monday, August 20th.
Ex: There has been an explosion in terminology detonated by developments related to XML (eXtensible Markup Language).
Ex: Optical technology has ushered in a new phase in the storage and retrieval of information.
Ex: If such an experiment were set on foot in any part of England its success would be certain.
Ex: Following that vote, the Government put in train an analysis of the reasons the document was voted down.
Ex: The slightest disturbance may set in train a process of degradation-as from forest to grassland, or grassland to desert.
Ex: If someone reports that a member of the staff is drunk while on the job, the supervisor must immediately set in motion the prescribed personnel procedures for verifying the charge, issuing a warning, observing and documenting future performance, and, if necessary, initiating a dismissal action.
Ex: This section has begun to demonstrate some of the problems associated with the author approach.
Ex: The article is entitled 'The bucks start here: ALA kicks off library funding campaign'.
* fuego + iniciar = fire + break out.
* iniciar a = begin to ; start to.
* iniciar el día = start + the day.
* iniciar el vuelo = take to + the sky.
* iniciar la jornada = start + the day.
* iniciar las actividades = get + things going ; get + things rolling ; start + the ball rolling ; set + the ball rolling.
* iniciar los trámites = initiate + an action.
* iniciarse = cut + Posesivo + spurs.
* iniciar una caminata = hit + the trail ; beat + the trail.
* iniciar una conversación = initiate + a conversation.
* iniciar una cruzada por = crusade for.
* iniciar una excursión = hit + the trail ; beat + the trail.
* iniciar una gira = hit + the road ; hit + the trail ; beat + the trail.
* iniciar una investigación = launch + an investigation.
* iniciar una negociación = open + a discussion.
* iniciar una nueva vida = start + a (whole) new life ; make + a new life for + Reflexivo.
* iniciar un proyecto = launch + an effort ; launch + a project.
* que se inicie la contienda = let battle commence.

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