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inscription; enrollment; registration, signing up

inscription, listing



(n.) = inscription ; registration ; sign-up ; enrolment [enrollment, -USA].
Ex: A manuscript is a writing made by hand (including musical scores), typescripts, and inscriptions on clay tablets, stone, etc.
Ex: The borrower file is then searched to obtain a list of all those borrowers with registration dates before the cut-off date.
Ex: Web workers want ease of use with a keep it simple approach to information retrieval, including the sign-up process for access to information services.
Ex: If you are a continuing student you do not need to attend enrolment in person.
* cuota de inscripción = registration fee(s) ; sign-up fees ; enrolment fee.
* descuento por inscripción anticipada = early bird registration ; early bird price ; early-bird discount ; early bird rate ; early bird registration rate ; early registration.
* ficha de inscripción = registration card.
* hoja de inscripción = registration form.
* impreso de inscripción = registration form.
* impreso de inscripción electoral = electoral registration form.
* inscripción en el censo electoral = voter registration.
* inscripción por un día = day registration.
* mostrador de inscripción = registration desk.
* no inscripción = non-registration.
* paquete de inscripción = registration package.
* período de descuento por inscripción anticipada = early bird period.
* procedimiento de inscripción = enrolment procedure.
* tarifa especial por inscripción anticipada = early-bird registration fee ; early registration fee.
* tarifa por inscripción fuera de plazo = late registration fee.
* tasa de inscripción = registration fee(s) ; enrolment fee.

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