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introduction; insertion

activation, interpolation insertion


(n.) = addition ; insertion ; intercalation ; embedding ; tip-in ; interpolation ; grafting.
Ex: A scheme should allow expansion, to permit the additions of new subjects or more specific subdivision of existing subjects.
Ex: It is necessary that any notation be hospitable to the insertion of new subjects.
Ex: The scheme allows for the intercalation of Space concepts and therefore both class numbers are permissable in terms of UDC.
Ex: User wnat to see immediately just what is going to be printed (WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get) and find the embedding of control words into the text laborious.
Ex: Finally, the scores of amendments, which had been issued to change rules or clarify their meaning, had mounted to the point where catalogers copies of the AACR were seriously out-of-date, if they were not bulging with tip-ins.
Ex: Editorial interpolations are placed in square brackets [].
Ex: Topics covered include planting the seed, transplanting the seed, propagation by cuttings, and grafting.
* inserción de aguja = needling.
* inserción de datos = input.
* inserción de guiones = hyphenation.
* inserción de injertos = infilling.
* inserción laboral = job placement ; labour insertion.
* inserción social = social inclusion ; social insertion.
* marca de inserción = caret (^).
* muesca de inserción = locating cut.
* programa de inserción social = Head Start program.
* ranura de inserción = locating cut.
* tecla de inserción = insert key.

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