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installation; induction; plant

installation installment, installation


(n.) = facility ; installation ; set-up ; bedding down ; physical facility ; fitting.
Ex: Solutions include constructing compact shelving, on-site remote storage or building new library facilities.
Ex: Bureaux can be useful for access to a specific desired software package, which would demand too much hardware for the library to contemplate its own installation.
Ex: Areas of particular concern are: equipment set-up and use; helping develop search strategies, logon/logoff procedures; and emergency assistance when things go wrong.
Ex: This article describes the needs addressed by GRAVITY, the bedding down of the system and its integration into the library's procedures.
Ex: The physical facilities have been upgraded, the whole collection is being catalogued, and use of the Library of Congress Classification is under consideration = Se han mejorado las intalaciones, se está catalogando toda la colección y se está estudiando el uso de la Clasificación de la Biblioteca del Congreso.
Ex: At a shoe fitting she was told that the vamp was too long and she should switch to a shoe that showed more of her foot.
* cambiar la instalación eléctrica = rewire.
* cambio de instalación eléctrica = rewiring.
* facilidad de instalación = ease of installation.
* instalación deportiva = sports facility ; athletic facility.
* instalaciones para dedicar el tiempo libre = leisure facilities.
* instalación nuclear = nuclear facility.
* instalación para el ejercicio físico = physical facility.

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