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directions, instructions; briefing
instruction, teaching, education, training; direction, guidance



(n.) = brief.
Ex: This article describes the experiences of a library training officer whose brief was to build library services from the ground up. (n.) = command ; direction ; instruction ; tuition ; schooling ; drill.
Ex: The first half of the command looks for words hit by 'FIB?' immediately followed by a word hit by 'OPTIC?'.
Ex: Explanatory references may be either 'see' or 'see also' references, which give a little more explanation than merely the direction to look elsewhere.
Ex: A command language is the language with which the search proceeds; the commands are instructions that the searcher can issue to the computer.
Ex: This article stresses that teaching methods are also to be updated to include, for example, individual tuition and role playing.
Ex: Some people with little schooling do use the library, and for valuable purposes but they are more of an exception than the rule.
Ex: An example of the type of drill which might be applied to the study of bibliographies is given below.
* cabo de instrucción = drill corporal.
* campamento de instrucción = training camp.
* campo de instrucción = training grounds.
* instrucción al jurado = charge to jury.
* instrucción de "añádase a" = add to instruction ; add to instruction.
* instrucción de 'divídase al igual que' = divide like instruction.
* instrucción de manejo = operating instruction.
* instrucciones = brief.
* instrucciones del fabricante = firmware.
* instrucciones de uso = use instruction.
* instrucciones para los autores = style sheet.
* instrucción general = blanket instruction.
* instrucción mediante ejercicios = drilling.
* instrucción sobre los derechos de los ciudadanos = community education.
* juez de instrucción = coroner.
* Lenguaje Común de Instrucción de EURONET = EURONET Common Command Language.
* Norma Internacional para los Lenguajes de Instrucción = International Standard for Command Languages.
* recibir instrucción = take + instruction.
* sargento de instrucción = drill sergeant.

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