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slight, insult, affront
insult, taunt, affront, abuse

abuse, insult

insult it insulted

(n.) = insult ; taunt ; jeer ; abuse ; slap in the face ; diss ; slur ; affront.
Ex: Some student users resorted to using an online conferencing system as the medium for insults and invective aimed at each other.
Ex: Taunts from her Hispanic students spurred a Japanese-American teacher to develop a multicultural unit that helped children appreciate the culture they had previously jeered.
Ex: Members of congress paid more attention to each other than to the president, responding with partisan jeers and cheers.
Ex: I believe that the emphasis on abuse of title entry in the name of speeding up cataloging is not the question of a title entry versus other entries, it is the question of simplification.
Ex: To reward him with a major committee chairmanship would be a slap in the face of millions of Americans who want to see real change in our country.
Ex: I think the disses come from frustration with the way his work was handled rather than from desperation.
Ex: I can also remember a time when slurs were uttered about Jewish people and if you didn't laugh you were considered a wet blanket.
Ex: Anne herself had become hardened to such affronts; but she felt the imprudence of the arrangement quite keenly = La propia Anne se había vuelto insensible a este tipo de ofensas, aunque la imprudencia del plan le hizo sentir profundamente dolida.
* acribillar con insultos = heap (up) + abuse on/upon.
* aguantar insultos = take + insults.
* insulto de género = sexual insult.
* insulto machista = sexual insult.
* insulto racista = racial slur ; ethnic slur.
* insultos = name-calling.
* insulto sexista = sexual insult.
* insulto sexual = sexual insult.
* insultos y amenazas racistas = hate speech.
* recibir insultos = take + insults.
* ser objeto de insultos = take + insults.
* ser un insulto a la inteligencia = be an insult to the intelligence.
* tolerar insultos = tolerate + insults.
(v.) = slap ; curse ; insult ; namecall ; jeer ; rave at ; shout + abuse at ; abuse ; speak + angry words ; sledge ; eff ; eff and blind ; affront ; call + Nombre + names ; be abusive ; give + Nombre + a mouthful ; say + mean things.
Ex: I wonder if she did quit if she could slap us with a lawsuit.
Ex: The father, Old Brightwell, curses his daughter, Jane, for preferring the love of the smooth-tongued villain, Grandley, to that of her own parents.
Ex: This insults staff by suggesting they did not work hard previously and is harmful to morale because goals are not attainable.
Ex: Chapter 4 presents solutions for when children fight, bicker, compete, namecall, and hit.
Ex: Taunts from her Hispanic students spurred a Japanese-American teacher to develop a multicultural unit that helped children appreciate the culture they had previously jeered.
Ex: In later sessions, he vented his rage towards his mother by shouting, swearing and raving at her and wanting to kill her.
Ex: A 92-year-old woman has been put behind bars for sitting on her front porch shouting abuse at passers-by.
Ex: It is important that those engaged in IR should not be abused by the improper use of the word 'intelligent'.
Ex: If either spouse on rare occasions out of frustration or anger slams a door or speaks angry words is it fair to label he or she as an abuser?.
Ex: The batsman were sledged beyond words, harassed and were pressured into making mistakes.
Ex: Then he started effing at me when I told him he was wasting my time.
Ex: When they started to eff and blind just for the sake of it, I felt they lost the plot a bit.
Ex: Luckily the girl didn't seem affronted by Christina forward attitude, but rather was very friendly about the whole thing.
Ex: My family have decided to pick on me and call me names.
Ex: The common view of unacceptable behaviour is when a customer is abusive either verbally or physically.
Ex: Joel said they came over to see what was going on but he told them to get out of my face and gave them a mouthful.
Ex: But every now and then you'll run into someone who's truly a bad sport -- a kid who plays dirty, hogs the ball, or says mean things to you.
* insultar a = be abusive of.
* insultar a voces = scream + abuse (at).

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