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intensify; redouble; enhance; heighten; deepen


to intensify

(v.) = enhance ; deepen ; intensify ; step up ; crank up ; move it up + a gear ; notch it up + a gear ; take it up + a gear ; take it up + a notch ; crank it up + a notch ; crank it up + a gear ; move it up + a notch ; ratchet up ; amp up ; up.
Ex: An introduction explaining the nature and scope of the indexing language will enhance its value.
Ex: One of the effects of reading in children is that their appreciation of the processes and function of literature is deepened.
Ex: Whilst these achievements are commendable, there is a catch in them -- there can be used to 'intensify' the economic exploitation of women.
Ex: The intensity of marketing to schools and parents will have to be stepped up by publishers if they are to succeed in the more competitive market.
Ex: Refiners are cranking up diesel output to meet rising global demand.
Ex: Liverpool and Chelsea are grabbing all the headlines, but Arsenal have quietly moved it up a gear scoring 10 goals in their last three league games.
Ex: Start gently, ease yourself in by breaking the workout down into three one minute sessions until you are ready to notch it up a gear and join them together.
Ex: There was not much to separate the sides in the first ten minutes however Arsenal took it up a gear and got the goal but not without a bit of luck.
Ex: We have a good time together and we're good friends.. but I'd like to take it up a notch.
Ex: David quickly comprehended our project needs and then cranked it up a notch with impactful design.
Ex: Went for a bike ride with a mate last week, no problems so will crank it up a gear and tackle some hills in the next few weeks.
Ex: After a regular walking routine is established, why not move it up a notch and start jogging, if you haven't already.
Ex: The health department has ratcheted up efforts to prevent or slow down the spread of swine flu in schools.
Ex: In order to gain strength fast, you need to immediately begin amping up your strength thermostat in your mind.
Ex: I still think normal speed is too slow, you should up it a bit.
* intensificar el efecto de algo = intensify + effect.
* intensificarse = escalate.
(v.) = escalate.
Ex: Over the past two to three years the numbers of full text data bases and data banks has started to escalate considerably.

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