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international, between countries, involving or belonging to two or more countries, of relations between two more countries



(adj.) = international ; long-distance ; transnational ; cross-country ; cross-national [cross national] ; multi-country [multicountry].
Ex: National agencies creating MARC records use national standards within their own country, and re-format records to UNIMARC for international exchange.
Ex: To get into these national and international networks which are suitable for long-distance communication, a telephone link must be used to access the closest node.
Ex: This article examines problems and practices relating to transborder data flows in the light of the growing trend to transnational venturing in the electronic information services sector.
Ex: There is significant cross-country variation in these figures.
Ex: This suggests an approach which includes cross-cultural as well as cross-national comparison.
Ex: In 1993, South Africa also became a member of the multi-country library consortium eIFL Direct.
* acuerdo internacional = modus vivendi.
* agencia internacional = international agency.
* aguas internacionales = international waters.
* Amnistía Internacional = Amnesty International.
* a nivel internacional = internationally ; at an international level ; on an international level.
* Asociación Internacional de Archivos Sonoros (IASA) = International Association of Sound Archives (IASA).
* Asociación Internacional de Bibliotecarios y Documentalistas de Agricultura = International Association of Agricultural Librarians and Documentalists (IAALD).
* Asociación Internacional de Editores (IPA) = International Publishers Association (IPA).
* asuntos internacionales = world affairs ; global affairs.
* Ayuda Internacional de Libros (BAI) = Book Aid International (BAI).
* banca internacional = international banking.
* bibliografía internacional = international bibliography.
* carnet de conducir internacional = international driving permit ; international driving licence.
* Centro Internacional para la Descripción Bibliográfica del UNISIST = UNIBID.
* Coalición Internacional de Consorcios de Bibliotecas (ICOLC) = International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC).
* código para llamadas internacionales = outgoing international code.
* comercio internacional = world trade ; international trade ; international business.
* Comité Internacional del Escudo Azul (ICBS) = International Committee of the Blue Shield (ICBS).
* comunidad internacional, la = international community, the.
* conferencia internacional = international call ; long-distance call.
* conferencia telefónica internacional = long-distance (tele)phone call.
* Consejo Internacional de Museos (ICOM) = International Council of Museums (ICOM).
* Consejo Internacional de Museos y Lugares de Interés (ICOMS) = International Council of Museums and Sites (ICOMOS).
* control bibliográfico internacional = international bibliographical control.
* de prestigio internacional = of international renown.
* derecho internacional = international law.
* derecho internacional humanitario = international human rights law.
* derecho internacional sobre los derechos humanos = international human rights law.
* de renombres internacional = internationally renowned.
* Descripción Bibliográfica Normalizada Internacional para Publicaciones Seria = ISBD(S) (International Standard Bibliographic Description - Serials).
* día internacional de los trabajadores = Labour Day.
* día internacional del trabajo = Labour Day.
* economía internacional = international economy.
* estudiante internacional = international student.
* Federación Internacional de Documentación (FID) = International Federation for Documentation (FID).
* Federación Internacional de Libreros (IBF) = International Booksellers Federation (IBF).
* Fondo Monetario Internacional [FMI], el = International Monetary Fund [IMF], the.
* foro internacional = international forum.
* giro postal internacional = international money order.
* IFLA (Federación Internacional de Asociaciones de Bibliotecarios y Bibliotec = IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions).
* intercambio internacional = international exchange.
* ISBD(A) (Descripción Bibliográfica Normalizada Internacional - material anti = ISBD(A) (International Standard Bibliographic Description - Antiquarian).
* ISBD (Descripción Bibliográfica Normalizada Internacional) = ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description).
* ISBN (Número Internacional Normalizado para Libros) = ISBN (International Standard Book Number).
* ISDS (Sistema Internacional de Datos sobre Publicaciones Seriadas) = ISDS (International Serials Data System).
* ISSN (Número Internacional Normalizado para Publicaciones Seriadas) = ISSN (International Standard Serial Number).
* línea internacional de cambio de fecha, la = International Date Line, the.
* mercado internacional = international trade ; international market.
* negocio internacional = international business.
* Norma General Internacional para la Descripción de Archivos (ISAD-G) = General International Standard Archival Description (ISAD(G)).
* Norma Internacional para la Descripción de Archivos (ISAD) = International Standard Archival Description (ISAD).
* Norma Internacional para los Lenguajes de Instrucción = International Standard for Command Languages.
* organismo intergubernamental internacional = international intergovernmental body.
* organización internacional = international organisation.
* Organización Internacional de Normalización = ISO.
* permiso de circulación internacional = international driving permit ; international driving licence.
* permiso de conducir internacional = international driving permit ; international driving licence.
* política internacional = international politics.
* préstamo internacional = international lending.
* relación internacional = international relation.
* Resúmenes Internacionales de Farmacia (IPA) = International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA).
* Sistema Internacional de Unidades, el = International System of Units, the.
* terrorismo internacional = international terrorism.
* vuelo internacional = international flight.

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