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(adj.) = intimidated.
Ex: Of course, an intimidated man can still be gaga in love with the strong, smart woman who intimidates him.
* sentirse intimidado = feel + intimidated.
(v.) = browbeat ; intimidate ; daunt ; bully ; make + things scary for ; sandbag ; cow.
Ex: Care must be exercised in seeing that these teaching aids do not become weapons to browbeat with.
Ex: Older people have suffered some losses in sensory and physical capacity, and newer teaching techniques might intimidate them.
Ex: Scientists are well aware of the vast amount of primary material available and are daunted by it.
Ex: The director returned to his paperwork, nothing in his heart but hot shame at having permitted himself to be bullied into submission by this disagreeable public official.
Ex: The article has the title 'Things that go bump in the night: net newbies are maturing -- and making things scary for the traditionals'.
Ex: Bill Clinton did not get sandbagged; he knew exactly what he was doing.
Ex: We couldn't be cowed by the attack into conceding some political goal if we don't know the perpetrators.
* sentirse intimidado = be in awe.
* sin dejarse intimidar por = undaunted by.

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