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intransigent, hidebound, uncompromising
intransigent, uncompromising person, unyielding person


(adj.) = uncompromising ; intolerant ; intransigent ; uncompromised ; illiberal ; bigot ; bigoted.
Ex: What precipitated that furor was that Panizzi's volume represented a uncompromising rejection of the comfortable ideology of the finding catalog.
Ex: The main clauses of the section are doctrinaire and intolerant and have no place in modern society.
Ex: There will always be a depressingly high percentage of intransigent parents and arrogant professionals.
Ex: The Gazette advocated uncompromised racial equality and viewed the migration as a weapon against oppression.
Ex: It is argued that Israel, in spite of its free elections, is an illiberal democracy.
Ex: It has become far too easy for charlatans and bigots to harness religion to their own political agenda.
Ex: As a bigoted radio personality incites whites to seek revenge, tensions mount and Smith fights to slake the anger that engulfs him.
* actuar de un modo intransigente = play + hardball.
* adoptar una postura intransigente = take + a hard stand.
* ser intransigente = play + hardball.
* tomar una postura intransigente = take + a hard stand.

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