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intrepid, fearless; dauntless, bold

unshrinking fearless, intrepid


(adj.) = intrepid ; bold ; fearless ; dauntless ; brave of heart.
Ex: The article 'Aslib at war: the brief but intrepid career of a library organization as a hub of allied scientific intelligence 1942-1945' analyses the important role played by Aslib in the centralised microfilming and dissemination of enemy scientific periodicals during World War 2.
Ex: 'Would it be bold of me to ask,' she said hesitantly, 'why is the Medical Center library virtually an autonomous unit?'.
Ex: He describes the decoration of the tombs, explaining that this artwork is a fearless thumbing of the nose at death itself.
Ex: He was a dauntless adventurer, a sleuthhound, a research scholar of exceptional acuity.
Ex: It will be the stuff of legend, endless discussion and limitless inspiration for the brave of heart.

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