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inundation, flooding, deluge

(n.) = flood ; flooding ; inundation ; floodwater [flood water] ; waterlogging.
Ex: In UDC under 361 SOCIAL RELIEF we find .9 Relief or aid in emergencies, disasters; .91 Earthquakes, storms, hurricanes; .92 floods; .93 War, civil war; .94 Epidemics; .95 Famine; and .96 Fires, conflagrations.
Ex: Flooding, fire, earthquake, collapsed buildings and landslides are the most frequent kinds of disasters to hit libraries: nearly all will lead to wet books.
Ex: She welcomed the attention, but the inundation became a problem = Agradecía la atención recibida, pero tal inundación le resultó ser un problema.
Ex: In 1975 flood water damaged 100,000 books and maps stored in a basement area.
Ex: With the introduction of irrigation, low-lying areas are prone to waterlogging and soil salinization.
* afectado por las inundaciones = flood-hit.
* dañado por las inundación = flood-damaged.
* drenaje para inundaciones = flood drainage.
* inundación del correo electrónico = mail bombing.
* propenso a las inundaciones = flood-prone.
* simulacro de inundación = flood drill.

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