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winter, season between autumn and spring, coldest season of the year (often characterized by coldness and rain or snow); period of dormancy or inactivity; span of one year as symbolized by the return of the winter season
spend the winter




(n.) = winter ; wintertime.
Ex: We are thus concerned with a virtually limitless number of concepts - building, book, reading, colour, sea, water, winter, England, 1066 AD - any concepts you like.
Ex: This hawthorn bush has a fine crop of berries that will be of great interest to the birds this wintertime.
* aislado por el invierno = winterbound.
* atrapado por el invierno = winterbound.
* bloqueado por el invierno = winterbound.
* botas de invierno = winter boots.
* campanilla de invierno = snowdrop.
* clima de inverno = winter weather ; winter weather.
* deporte de invierno = winter sport.
* depresión de invierno = seasonal depression.
* descanso de invierno = winterbreak.
* en el invierno = in (the) winter.
* en invierno = in (the) winter.
* en lo más crudo del invierno = in the dead of winter.
* en mitad del invierno = in the dead of winter ; in the middle of the winter.
* en pleno invierno = in the middle of the winter ; at the height of the winter.
* estación de invierno = winter resort.
* finales del invierno = late winter.
* invierno gélido = freezing winter.
* juegos olímpicos de invierno = Winter Olympics.
* meses del invierno = winter months.
* pasar el invierno = winter ; overwinter.
* pleno invierno = midwinter [mid-winter].
* principios del invierno = early winter.
* sobrevivir al invierno = survive + the winter.
* sol de invierno = winter sun.
* solsticio de invierno = winter solstice.
* trimestre del invierno = winter semester.
* vacaciones de invierno = winterbreak ; winter break.
(v.) = hibernate ; winter ; overwinter.
Ex: He maintains that racism is a site in which older forms of oppression and social exclusion, particularly fascism, have chosen to hibernate.
Ex: Hoopoes breed across most of Europe, except Scandinavia, and almost all migrate in autumn - usually at night - to winter in Africa.
Ex: Wagtail overwinters in areas of Southeast Asia and Indonesia where outbreaks of avian flu have occurred.

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