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ham, smoked meat from the hindquarter of a hog

ham ham



(n.) = ham.
Ex: The article 'Green eggs and ham: the punk version' describes a talent contest for teenagers and young adults called held annually since 1992 by the Kitsap Regional Library in Bremerton, Washington State.
* jamón ahumado = smoked ham.
* jamón cocido = boiled ham.
* jamón curado = cured ham.
* jamón serrano = cured ham.
* jamón serrano de Parma = Parma ham.
* jamón york = boiled ham.
(adj.) = dishy .
Nota: Generalmente referido al atractivo físico de una persona.
Ex: By chance, Giselle meets dishy divorce lawyer Robert Philip and his young daughter who are captivated by her sweetness and innocence.

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