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(Vulgar Slang) fucking, shitty
(Vulgar Slang) fuck, act of sexual intercourse; annoying or irritating person


(adj.) = tricky ; skewed-up ; ruddy ; gammy.
Ex: Bertrand Russell has written a great deal of sense about the tricky problem of individual liberty and achievement and its relationship to government control.
Ex: Thanks to the skewed-up policies of the state government the state's finances are in doldrums.
Ex: With his own life in such a ruddy mess, what right had he to give advice to his assistant?.
Ex: He's calling it a day, worn down by a combination of blisters, crotch chafe, gammy knees and the sudden onset of old age.
* a veces sales jodido = shit happens.
* salir jodido = get + the shit(tty) end of the stick ; get + the short end of the stick ; get + a raw deal.
* sentirse jodido = feel + shitty ; feel + rotten.
(v.) = fuck + Nombre + over.
Ex: They gladly and avariciously take our money, but make no bones about hating our fucking guts and trying to fuck us over every chance they get!. (v.) = fuck ; screw ; get + laid ; eff ; get it on ; bonk.
Ex: He said he wanted to fuck her loudly on a hard bed with rain beating on the windows.
Ex: For every beautiful woman, there's a guy that's tired of screwing her.
Ex: It sounds like you need to get laid -- you might feel better after a good screw.
Ex: I would not really like to eff her but she's pretty for an older lady.
Ex: I read that she walked onto the boat and caught them getting it on.
Ex: After bonking her, the fella disappeared and up to now she has never seen him.
(v.) = spoil ; injure ; do in.
Ex: But if set-off did occur and threatened to set back and spoil subsequent impressions of the first forme, the tympan cloth could be rubbed over with lye to clean it.
Ex: Dialog is being injured and will continue to be injured if the American Chemical Society continues to assert falsely that Dialog is underpaying royalties.
Ex: I think he outlined the feasible way to go about meeting our needs without doing in anybody else in the process.
* joder a Alguien = fuck + Nombre + over.
* joderla = screw up ; muck up ; goof up ; fuck up ; eff up ; mess up ; blow it (all sky high).
* joderle los planes = put + a spoke in + Posesivo + wheel.
* joderlo = crap it up.
* joderlo todo = throw + a (monkey) wrench in the works ; put + a (monkey) wrench in the works ; put + a spanner in the works ; throw + a spanner in the works ; gum up + the works.

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