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day trip; working day, day during which one works; day; time


(n.) = conference ; institute.
Ex: A conference is a meeting of individuals or representatives of various bodies for the purpose of discussing and acting on topics of common interest or a meeting of representatives of a corporate body that constitutes its legislative or governing body. Ex: The first institute, 'The Catalog: Its Nature and Prospects,' was held in New York City on October 9 and 10, 1975. (n.) = workday.
Ex: This article describes a study of stress conducted in a university library using the following categories: workload; schedule and workday; feeling pulled and tugged; physical facilities; unchallenging work; and miscellaneous.
* a media jornada = half-time [half time].
* antes de que finalice la jornada laboral = by (the) close of play.
* antes de que termine la jornada laboral = by (the) close of play.
* comenzar la jornada = start + the day.
* de media jornada = half-day [half day].
* empezar la jornada = start + the day.
* final de la jornada laboral = close of business.
* haber terminado la jornada laboral = be off duty.
* iniciar la jornada = start + the day.
* jornada de puertas abiertas = open day.
* jornada de reflexión = reflection-day.
* jornada de trabajo = workshop.
* jornada escolar, la = teaching day, the.
* jornada laboral = workday ; day's work ; working hours ; working day ; working time ; work hours.
* jornadas = conference ; institute.
* terminar la jornada laboral = clock off + work ; get off + work.

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