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superannuated, retired
emeritus, honorably discharged from a profession but retaining one's former job title (such as a professor emeritus); retiree, one who has withdrawn from his job or occupation (usually due to old age); senior citizen; pensionary


(n.) = senior citizen ; senior ; retiree ; pensioner ; retired person.
Ex: Senior citizens' income tax problems were met by organizing a free service of help in filling in tax returns.
Ex: The small art gallery, which often features local crafts, doubles as a room for seniors to play euchre, the local shoe repair man to teach chess, community leaders to plan special action, and so on.
Ex: And to make matters worse, retirees on fixed incomes have recently presented the mayor with a petition deploring the soaring property taxes.
Ex: The core of readers and borrowers of agricultural literature are pensioners wanting to improve cultivation of their small private plots of land.
Ex: It's normal for a retired person to feel a sense of loss and displacement when a significant portion of your identity goes away.
* ciudad donde viven principalmente jubilados = retirement town.
* hogar del jubilado = retirement centre.
* jubilados, los = retired, the.
(adj.) = retired.
Ex: Naturally, there are always a few retired librarians who constitute the exception to the rule.
* persona jubilada = retired person.
(v.) = put out to + grass ; put out to + pasture.
Ex: The article 'Should the computer be put out to grass?' argues that successful transfer of information relies more on quality than quantity.
Ex: Let the free market decide whether it wants to support Prince's way of doing business or it wants to put him out to pasture.
* jubilarse = retire.

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