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bean; kidney bean; butter bean; jewess, Jewish girl or woman
Jewish, of or pertaining to the Jewish religion; of Jewish descent; (Informal) Yiddish
Jew, one of Jewish descent, one who is descended from the Biblical Hebrews; member of the Jewish religion


(n.) = bean ; green bean ; runner bean ; French bean ; string bean ; haricot ; kidney bean.
Ex: The principal subject areas studied were soya, rice, beans, and seeds.
Ex: The toxins were also spiked and measured in a variety of food samples, including canned tomatoes, sweet corn, green beans, mushrooms, and tuna.
Ex: But when runner beans are fresh, they do snap when you break them in half!.
Ex: Because they come from a tropical climate, French beans need a warm soil in which to germinate and grow.
Ex: String beans are one of the many veggies I eat on a weekly basis.
Ex: Boil, then add haricots and peas or broad beans.
Ex: A cup of kidney beans provides 15.3 grams of protein -- that's 30.7% of the daily value for protein.
* judía blanca = haricot bean.
* judía carilla = black-eyed pea ; black-eyed bean.
* judía del Perú = butter bean ; lima bean.
* judía verde = green bean ; runner bean ; French bean ; string bean.
* potaje de judías = bean casserole.
(n.) = Jewess.
Ex: In this caricature representation, the Jew is followed by the Jewess, who lays a huge Jew egg that the children of the village attack with gusto, smashing it to bits.
(adj.) = Jew ; Jewish ; Kike ; Judean [Judaean].
Nota: Referido al mundo antiguo.
Ex: Why do only Catholics, Jews, Negroes, and women transcend their particular nationality?.
Ex: Enter a Jewish liturgical work under its title.
Ex: Consider now what we're going to place in the right-hand column, one for one, analogous: Krauts, Wops, Frogs, Kikes, Polacks, Micks, and Gringos.
Ex: This article provides a summary of the discoveries related to the storage of documents from the period of the Israelite and Judaean kings (circa 1000-587 B.C.), including ostraca (broken pieces of pottery with writing on them) and seals and seal impressions.
* carácter judío = Jewishness.
* judío devoto = devout Jew.
* judío israelita = Israeli Jewish.
* judíos = Jewry.
* lo judío = Judaica.
* naturaleza judía = Jewishness.
* pueblo judío = shtetl.

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