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judge, adjudicator, magistrate


(n.) = judge ; arbiter ; justice ; magistrate.
Ex: Make an added entry under the heading for the judge delivering the charge.
Ex: In almost no circumstances can the librarian be said to be the sole arbiter of what is or is not acceptable to the user.
Ex: The Court was split by divided opinions: five justices held the opinion that his rights were violated while four justices disagreed.
Ex: At that time a 1-room library served the West African Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, and the judges, magistrates and lawyers = En aquel entonces una biblioteca de tan sólo una habitación atendía al Tribunal de Apelaciones, la Corte Suprema, los jueces, magistrados y abogados de †frica occidental.
* actuar de juez = don + Posesivo + judge's wig ; officiate.
* ejercer de juez = officiate.
* juez árbitro = arbitrator ; adjudicator.
* juez de instrucción = coroner.
* juez de línea = linesman ; assistant referee.
* juez de paz = justice of the peace.
* juez de tribunal de distrito = district court judge.
* poner cara de juez = look + stern.
* tener cara de juez = look + stern.

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