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plaything, toy




(n.) = toy.
Ex: If none of these terms is appropriate, give the specific name of the item or the names of the parts of the item as concisely as possible; e.g., 1 clockwork toy train.
* caballito de juguete = hobby-horse.
* coche de juguete = toy car.
* cuarto de los juguetes = playroom.
* juguete de cuerda = clockwork toy.
* juguete de peluche = cuddly toy ; fluffy toy.
* juguete erótico = sex toy.
* juguete móvil colgante = mobile.
* juguete sexual = sex toy.
* muelle de juguete = slinky.
* soldado de juguete = model soldier.
* teléfono de juguete = toy phone.
* tienda de juguetes = toy shop.
* tren de juguete = toy train ; train set ; model train set.

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