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join, unite; gather; coalesce; be assembled; tie

to join

(v.) = be together ; move together.
Ex: 'Much as I hate to admit it,' she added, her face creasing in a knowing smile, 'some of my best friends are librarians, and I can't get over how they tear their colleagues to shreds when they're together' = "Siento mucho admitirlo", ella añadió mientras su cara se arrugaba dibujándose en ella una sonrisa de complicidad, "algunos de mis mejores amigos son bibliotecarios y no puedo entender cómo critican a otros colegas suyos cuando se jutan". Ex: The idea of tectonic plates moving together or apart is known as a continental drift. (v.) = assemble ; piece together ; bundle ; pool ; put together ; string together.
Ex: In this case all the works of a given author will be assembled on the shelf under his/her name as well, so it is not really in conflict and I think there is a misinterpretation.
Ex: During his stay in Laputa, Captain Gulliver was very impressed by a book-writing machine which produced fragments of sentences which were dictated to scribes and later pieced together.
Ex: CD-ROM products that combine, or bundle, related information services will be at the forefront because of their usefulness to end-users.
Ex: The results of two studies of the way reference librarians work were pooled to provide an understanding of the important features necessary in software for computerized reference work.
Ex: The way in which this scheme is put together in book form often causes some confusion at first.
Ex: If you can't string together a few solid rhymes, you can't be a rapper.
* Dios los cría y ellos se juntan = birds of a feather flock together.
* juntar las manos = put + Posesivo + hands together.
* juntar las palmas de las manos = put + Posesivo + hands together.
* juntarse = be together ; move together.
* juntarse con = kick it with ; hang around with.
* juntarse de nuevo = get back together.
* juntarse el hambre con las ganas de comer = made for each other ; be two of a kind ; be a right pair.
* juntar sin solapar = butt together.

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