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justify, vindicate, defend, support, excuse

it justifies

(v.) = build + a case for ; justify ; make + apology ; warrant ; justify ; excuse ; vindicate.
Ex: Then, with a kind of energetic abruptness, Bough said that they could try to build a case for keeping the budget intact.
Ex: The time has arrived when it is more appropriate to ask why cataloguing is still conducted on a manual basis, rather than to seek to justify the use of computers in cataloguing.
Ex: My perspective, for which I make no apology, is that of someone who works daily with the nitty-gritty of cataloging, as many of you do.
Ex: Such broad selection may also warrant the use of go-and stop-lists.
Ex: The weaknesses of the cold-metal machines were that they did not justify the lines automatically as part of the type-setting process.
Ex: Librarians could be excused for wondering if there is any role for them to play in the virtual library environment.
Ex: The relevance to a local library situation of British Library Lending Division data on periodical usage is vindicated.
* el fin justifica los medios = the end justifies the means.
* justificar a la derecha = justify + right.
* justificar Algo = argue + Posesivo + corner.
* justificar el esfuerzo = justify + the effort.
* justificar la existencia = justify + Posesivo + existence.
* justificar la necesidad de = justify + the case for.
* sin justificar = unjustified.

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