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lip, either of two fleshy parts which form the edge of the mouth of humans and animals




(n.) = lip.
Ex: Although I do at times write with my tongue between my lips (the standard attitude of deep concentration), there are other times when it is equally firmly in my cheek.
* arrugar los labios = screw + Posesivo + lips ; pucker + Posesivo + lips.
* barra de cacao de labios = chapstick.
* barra de labios = lipstick.
* brillo de labios = lip gloss.
* con una oración en los labios = on a wing and a prayer.
* hacer una mueca con los labios = curl + lips.
* labio hendido = hare-lip.
* labio inferior = lower lip.
* labio leporino = cleft lip.
* labios + permanecer sellados = lips + seal.
* labio superior = upper lip.
* leer los labios = lip-read.
* morderse el labio = bite + Posesivo + lip.
* movimiento de los labios = lip movement.
* pintarse los labios = wear + lipstick.
* protector de labios = chapstick.
* un minuto en los labios, para siempre en las caderas = a minute on the lips, forever on the hips.

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