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laboratory, room or building fitted with equipment for scientific experimentation, lab

lab, laboratory


(n.) = laboratory ; lab ; research laboratory ; resource room.
Ex: One can now picture a future investigator in his laboratory, his hands are free, he is not anchored.
Ex: Naturally, one thinks of sports novels in the gym and biographies of scientists in the labs.
Ex: Research laboratories are facing many problems regarding the disposal of nuclear waste.
Ex: The school design consisted of five classrooms, two seminar rooms, and a resource room grouped around a common room.
* análisis de laboratorio = laboratory analysis.
* bata de laboratorio = lab coat.
* cultivo de laboratorio = lab culture.
* laboratorio cinematográfico = film laboratory.
* laboratorio de conservación = conservation laboratory.
* laboratorio de enseñanza = teaching lab.
* laboratorio de idiomas = language lab ; language laboratory.
* laboratorio de restauración = restoration laboratory.
* laboratorio farmacéutico = pharmaceutical laboratory.
* prueba de laboratorio = lab test ; laboratory test.
* representante de laboratorio farmacéutico = pharmaceutical company representative.
* test de laboratorio = laboratory test ; lab test.
* vaso de laboratorio = beaker.

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