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lament, wail



(n.) = wailing.
Ex: One of the Bible's most striking references is that Hell is a place where "there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth". (n.) = hand-wringing ; lament ; regret ; plaint ; grieving ; mourning ; wail ; whinge [winge].
Ex: The book is simply an occasion for ritual hand-wringing about Northern Ireland's troubled past and present troubles = El libro es simplemente una ocasión para lamentarse sobre los problemas pasados y presentes de Irlanda del Norte.
Ex: His article was entitled 'AACR2: the first anniversary, celebration or lament'.
Ex: Spalding's regret is quite understandable, for few of those seeking to identify particular editions in the catalog will fail to be confused by the results of this decision.
Ex: A common plaint among some critics is that resemblance is a necessary condition of pictorial representation.
Ex: The article 'Words of comfort: resources for the living and dying' reviews books on death and grieving for purposes of collection development in the area.
Ex: During our lives we face situations of losses and mournings, connected or not to death.
Ex: He then produced a sound like the deep wail of a bereaved mother which electrified the audience.
Ex: His whinges make me fume.
* lamentos = wailing.

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