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sheet, plate, lamina; lamella
laminate; roll

foil plate, sheet, slab

foil , sheet

(n.) = art print ; plate ; print ; slice ; wafer.
Ex: An art print is an engraving, etching, lithograph, etc. printed from the plate prepared by the artist.
Ex: For monographs this statement gives the number of pages, and, if appropriate, the number of plates.
Ex: Engelmann's technique used only three colour stones (red, yellow, and blue) to make a full-colour print.
Ex: A number of identical integrated circuits are usually made side by side on a single slice of silicon.
Ex: To build an integrated circuit, once the silicon crystals have been grown, these crystals will have to be sliced into wafers.
* cristal en láminas = plate glass.
* lámina de cristal = plate glass.
* lámina inserta = printed insert.
* persiana de láminas = louvre [louver, -USA].
(v.) = laminate.
Ex: Most libraries now use plastic jackets on hard book covers and either laminate paperbacks or use one of the slip-on plastic jackets specially designed for paperbacks.

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