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throw, fling; launch; shoot; pitching

launch, launching, hurl, cast


(n.) = launch ; rollout [roll-out] ; pitching ; kick ; throw ; launching.
Ex: A gathering of 10 CD-ROM application developers resulted in the launch of the CD-ROM Standards and Practices Action Group.
Ex: The interview provides a behind-the-scenes look at the company's preparation for the service's official rollout in Summer 2000.
Ex: The database contains baseball statistics going back to 1871, including batting, pitching and fielding registers for all 13,000 major league players.
Ex: If such a game is still tied after extra-time it is usually decided by kicks from the penalty mark, commonly called a penalty shootout.
Ex: But once he went under the knife to fix his damaged shoulder, he realized there weren't many throws left in it.
Ex: They all agreed to prohibit, for a term of five years, the launching of projectiles and explosives from balloons.
* fiesta de lanzamiento = launch party.
* lanzamiento de falta = free kick.
* lanzamiento de falta directo = direct free kick.
* lanzamiento de falta indirecto = indirect free kick.
* lanzamiento de martillo = hammer throwing.
* lanzamiento de moneda = coin toss.
* lanzamiento de penalti = penalty kick.
* lanzamiento de penaltis = penalty shootout.
* lanzamiento de peso = shotput.
* lanzamiento de un producto = product launch.
* lanzamiento espacial = moon shot.
* lugar de lanzamiento = launching site.
* plataforma de lanzamiento = launch pad ; launching pad.
* rampa de lanzamiento = launching pad ; launch pad.

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